Core 9 Design is one of the best companies in the Oklahoma City area and provides decorative concrete, stained concrete OKC, and provides it at a very artistic means to everybody they sign up with. You will find that when you talk with Andy Jones and talk with the great people that work at Core 9 Design, there's a great sense of pride in a great sense of artistic flair with everything they do. Although while many artists are not effect business owners, these guys have been doing this for 15 years or more and know what it takes to be able to give people a very wonderful experience with their services. And when you break it down to some of the most important aspects of doing business with Core 9 Design, the business has boiled it down to the very best aspects of their company and defined key areas in key difference makers that make them awesome stained concrete OKC workers.

1. Specialty Construction

First and foremost, our company is not just a stained concrete OKC company. Though we are very good at laying out concrete and being able to put on great flooring for all sorts of different areas, this isn't the only thing we do. Although we can create great furniture and architecture in various different scenarios, that's also not the only thing we do. You see we actually categorize ourselves as a specialty construction company. We don't just come to a job site as basic builders. We are guys that really take special pride in being able to bring a unique flair and a unique sense of purpose with everything we design and everything we construct for our clients. Whether it's a homeowner who is looking for a new table for their kitchen or for new chairs as well or maybe it's a law firm that's looking to bring an exotic touch to their office and install a fireplace with a giant tank that sharks could live in, our expansive knowledge to be able to satisfy your needs and give you the best benefits that you're seeking in construction can be solved by us. It's almost a little insulting to just call us a stained concrete OKC contractor. As our website domain specifies, we are Core 9 Design studios...where the production is not just in being able the build an average quality product that everybody else can do, but to create objects unavailable anywhere else with stained concrete OKC services.

2. Two-Man Accountability

2. Two-Man Accountability

You have worked with other contractors in the past on various types of projects for your home or for your office. Since you probably drive a car around to do the groceries or go to work every day, you probably noticed construction sites with different columns and also lots of different people working on these jobs. Have you ever noticed and thought about why there are so many people that look like they're just standing around? Does it feel weird to you that it looks like these people are just not really spending their time effectively or this construction company really isn't doing a great job utilizing the members of the team?

With our company, we emphasize a model that with every project, there will simply be two guys that are working on the job. As you know, in many superhero movies or many tales, there are usually two people that are at the storyline. There's a superhero and then there is the sidekick. That's the same kind of philosophy that we take with our construction sites with these very specific jobs that we do for clients. Because we know that we don't want to be inefficient with our construction jobs, we want to be able to make sure that there is great chemistry with the people that are working on the jobs. That way this ensures that you have a dynamic duo of people working together to make sure that this job is done effectively for you and also lets you know that you can build trust with the people that are working on these jobs.

3. Every Job is Significant

No matter what your job may be, we have the stained concrete OKC capabilities and skill that it takes to be able to do it effectively. While other contracting companies will usually just go for the biggest jobs possible, we recognize that many people are just wanting one specialty piece to be able to add to their home or to their office. And we set up the business as well to make sure that with any job, we can walk away feeling good about the work that we did. Whenever you work with this quality team and have seen all the different reviews and quality photos, it's really no wonder why these guys have really been a significant influence and have done a great job in the area proving their work.

4. Ownership Mentality

Something else that you may be wondering about is when you have had other contractors working with you or other people doing construction projects for you, you're wondering where the owner is or whether these guys really even care about making sure they do a good job. Well with Core 9 Design, there is a special emphasis that every person that works on these jobs has an ownership mentality about it. While the owner has made a point that he wants to be able to participate in every single job, he wants to instill with his employees the importance of this aspect.

5. Artistic Excellence

5. Artistic Excellence

And finally, as I mentioned before, one of the very best things about our company that helps us to stand out is the fact that we're not just contractors and builders, but we are artists. I mean just take a look at all the quality projects that we have done to our photos on our Google business listing or on this website. You'll find that the work that we have done is quite impressive. So impressive, we got to work with all of these clients that have really appreciated our work.

That's why I encourage you, if you have any beautiful works of art that you're wanting to get done on things like a countertop or things like flooring or even fireplaces, give us a call or fill out the form today so that we can get in touch with you and make sure we line up our free consultation and 3-D design work for you.