Stay Warm and Stay in Style

Stay Warm and Stay in Style

Install a concrete fireplace at your property in Piedmont & Oklahoma City, OK

When you think of a fireplace, you most likely think of the traditional brick structure with a brick hearth in front. However, fireplace design has come a long way since the first brick models. At Core 9 Design, we can install a custom concrete fireplace in your Piedmont or Oklahoma City, OK home or business. You'll love the sleek look and it's just as durable as brick.

Learn more about how a concrete fireplace can transform your space. Call 405-317-7172 for a design consultation.

Choose concrete for your fireplace

A concrete fireplace might sound cold and sterile, but they actually add a beautiful, modern touch to any room. The concrete can be stained in many different colors so it looks like high-end stone. If you're looking for a classy option that isn't as expensive as some natural stone, concrete is a great choice.

We can install your custom concrete fireplace in no time. Talk with our team about what color and style are right for your property in Piedmont & Oklahoma City, OK.

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Finally, this is a project that should keep you very warm and happy inside whenever it's finally built. We've been constructing fireplaces, stained concrete OKC work as well and we would love to do the next one for you. And while you're thinking that you could just hire any old contractor to be able to do this for you, why not have one that has that artistic mind in sight so they can build something that looks absolutely fabulous? Would you not like to have a fireplace that looks glorious and is a great furnace to keep the house warm? Take a look at some of our projects and you'll find a number of fireplaces for clients. Take the jump today and be able to sign up with us to see how we can support your dreams and make them into a reality.