Are Your Counters Showing Their Age?

Consider installing concrete countertops at your location in Piedmont & Oklahoma City, OK

Your kitchen counters see a lot of wear and tear. They need to take the heat from hot pots and pans, as well as withstand cleaning chemicals and scrubbing. They're also a huge part of your kitchen's overall design. At Core 9 Design, we can provide both durability and beauty with our concrete countertops. You can count on us to upgrade your home or business in Piedmont & Oklahoma City, OK with concrete countertops.

Ask for an estimate on a concrete countertop installation right away.

concrete countertops piedmont ok

Why should you choose concrete?

If you’ve never heard of concrete countertops, you may be wondering how they could possibly work in a kitchen. They won’t look like your average slab outside. In fact, concrete counters:

  • Come in many colors and styles
  • Are extremely durable
  • Are heat-resistant
  • Are easy to maintain
  • Give your home an upscale look

It’s time for a change in your kitchen. Set up your concrete countertop installation in Piedmont & Oklahoma City, OK soon.


Having a beautiful countertop for your kitchen and for various places in your home or your office can really bring a great accent to wherever your living or wherever your working. We have done a great job in being able to utilize our skills to be able to create beautiful works of art for countertops. And not only are countertops something important for inspiring the value and prestige you have with your life and home, but it also needs to be a firm foundation to handle all the stresses that you may be putting it through. It could be for kitchens or for fun parties that you have where your countertop is involved. You might as well have a countertop that is able to really bring you awesome results and be able to wow people every time they come over to your place.