Owner : Andy Jones

Here at Core 9 Design, we offer some of the most exceptional work it comes to decorative concrete and stained concrete in Oklahoma City, OK. We work in all the different kinds of construction projects for your home or business. Our faithful team members are ready to give you all of the perks and benefits of utilizing and working with us. For over the last 15 years, we have constantly provided satisfaction to all of our customers. Contact us today to see what our concrete contractors can do for you in Oklahoma City, OK.

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Core Principles

Our core principles for work defines what we do and how we operate

Our team at Core 9 Designs must have honesty and integrity with the work. We maintain a proper amount of well trained employees to take on each project and deliver what was promised efficiency and in a timely manner.

On top of honesty and integrity, we want to bring the WOW factor with all of our work. Since we like to call ourselves artisans instead of contractors, we pay attention to the small details of each masterpiece that you won't find with other construction businesses. Bringing the WOW emphasizes that there is a philosophy of ownership with every project that's completed.

No matter what kind of project you're looking to do, we have the resources and skills to fulfill your dream. You tell us your vision and inspiration and we will make it happen. From your home or office to restaurants and warehouses, we can turn your dream project into a reality. Our biggest take away from every project is that you are satisficed with the work and professionalism we display on the job.